Recital Information 2019 
All recital information can be found at TraceyVita.com  

Ticket sales & Policy: Tickets will begin to be sold on Saturday May 4, 7:30 – 11:00.             Tickets will be sold according to check in list.             You must remain in line.             Tickets will be sold at the studio for $10.00 a ticket.             Tickets are non-refundable / all seats are reserved. No tickets will be sold prior to this date,             After May 4, tickets sold between classes. I can’t hold tickets if you are away, speak /classmate.   

Backstage helpers:  During the recital, each class will need 2 backstage helpers.  The two helpers need to be at the rehearsal, so they are aware of what to do. They are in charge of keeping their class together, possibly changing outfits. When the class is finished they watch the show from the audience. All students are in the finale. If you would like to help, please sign up at the desk. HELPERS ARE IMPORTANT… BACKSTAGE, EMOTIONS RUN HIGH & OFTEN THE GIRLS NEED SUPERVISION.  WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH ENTHUSIASTIC HELPERS, WHICH MAKES THE STUDENTS MORE COMFORTABLE IN THE SHOW & A BLESSING TO US ALL. 

Recital Video -This year we will be recording the recital in high definition. The Cost is $30.00. It will be sent to you digitally with instructions on how to download and stream it. In order to record yourself: You must remain in your seat. Please be courteous to others around you and do not use a tablet/ cell phone to record the performance, the lighted screen is a disturbance to others as they watch their child perform 

Oneco Florist will have pre-ordered bouquets to be picked up at the recital. Place orders at the studio prior to Monday, May 20.   $10 Mixed bouquet & $15 dozen roses.  

 AdvertisingIf you wish to write a special message to your child or advertise a business in the program Please give Tracey a sketch or completed ad by May 12. *BUISNESS CARD $35 / 1/4 PAGE $65. / 1/2 PAGE $90 / Full Page $ 125  

Photos- Pictures will be taken at the studio on April 27. Schedule is listed on Photo page. If your class is not listed it means your child's costume has been delayed and we will schedule another day for photos for your group. 

May 11, 18, 25 – Pre-school Father Daughter Optional Rehearsals @11:00-12:00 (Tues 2:00 classes)   
May 7-14-21-28 – Pointe Father Daughter Rehearsal                                 When She Loved Me (6:30-6:45)                                  You’ll Be in My Heart (6:45-7:00)      
 April 27 & 28 Photos taken @ the studio - optional
 May 4 – Ticket Sales begin @ 7:30 AT STUDIO (approximate time) 
May 4 – Program Ads & Messages due.
 May 20 – Flower pre-orders due 
May 31, – Mandatory Dress Rehearsal Times to be announced.               You need not wear good tights @ dress rehearsal, please wear similar color. 
 June 1– Spring Recital– Manatee High - Matinee @ 1:00 / Evening @ 6:00                          

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